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WVAS members are available to give presentations on astronomy-related topics to school groups, scout groups, private observing groups, and corporate and commercial groups.  There is no charge for educational groups.  Contact us to schedule a session for your group!



The society provides stargazing and/or informational events and programs free of charge to educational groups such as scouts, school groups, public libraries, recognized charity organizations, youth service organizations, or other community programs.  If you would like to schedule a stargazing night for your group, please see our contact page to send us an email request.  You should receive a response within three days to schedule your event.  Any voluntary donations are appreciated and are used to provide additional public programs and services.  Please note that donations are requested at the Entertainment level (see below) for multiple requests from the same organization within a calendar year.


Members of WVAS are welcome to conduct observing sessions, spontaneous or planned, for any individuals or groups they wish without need to solicit or accept donations.



The society provides stargazing events and programs for entertainment to private citizens or corporate entities.  A fee of $10/person is charged with a minimum of $50 for individuals, couples, or same-household families, and a minimum of $100 for larger or corporate groups.

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