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Orion 8-inch Deep space Explorer.jpg
Orion SkyLine 8-inch Dobsonian.png

WVAS has two 8” Newtonian reflector telescopes on Dobsonian mounts, each of which can be signed out by WVAS members and community organizations for up to one month, or longer if no one else is waiting for its return and the club doesn’t need it for outreach events.

Lunt LS60THa.jpg

We have a 60mm Lunt LS60THa/B600/C hydrogen alpha solar telescope which is used in the daytime for observing the Sun's "surface" granulation, flares, and prominences.


In 1998 WVAS built a specialty binocular telescope consisting of two matched 8" optical tubes, one for each eye.  This telescope is currently for sale.

10-inch Dob.jpg

This 10"-diameter Newtonian reflector telescope was built in the 1980s by WVAS club members.  It has a classic Crayford focuser and a Dobsonian mount.  This telescope is currently for sale.

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