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The society holds a variety of events, some members-only, but most are open to the public.


Open Meetings:  Open meetings are for all club members and interested members of the general public who would like to attend.  Please see the Meetings drop-down page for our meeting schedule.


Business Meetings:  Business meetings are for members only and are gatherings of the club officers and other club members who would like to attend.  Please see the Meetings drop-down page for more on business meetings.


Public Open Houses and Outreach Events:  We offer free public solar and stargazing sessions.  These events normally include observing with an astronomical telescope and constellation finding.  Open Houses also typically include a space or astronomy-related presentation.  Please see the Public Events drop-down page for a schedule and more details.


Beginner Telescope Workshops:  These are events held to help people learn to use telescopes that they may have or may be interested in acquiring.   Please see the Beginner Telescope Workshop drop-down page for sign-up and more details.

Telescope Fairs:  Anyone interested in acquiring a telescope for astronomy is urged to attend a WVAS Telescope Fair, if possible.  Various types and sizes of telescopes are described and demonstrated, with a chance to look through them, weather permitting.  We let you know what features are desirable and which things to avoid.  After getting a telescope, we recommend attending a WVAS Beginner Telescope Workshop to find out how to use it.


Indiana Family Star Party:


The Indiana Family Star Party is an annual, regional gathering of amateur astronomers and their families.   The public is invited on the weekend dates.  Please see our drop-down Star Parties page for more details.

Private Outreach Events:  We also offer non-public events for private groups or organizations.  See the Outreach drop-down page for more information.

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